Chuck & Sharon Adams

My wife Sharon owned her own very successful business training executives of fortune 500 companies, primarily in the area of communication and leadership, when she suddenly started having cognitive issues which obviously interfered with her work! We immediately went to a local Neurologist that she had seen before for sleep apnea issues.  Not knowing any better we asked him to help diagnose her difficulties.  Much to our chagrin he was radically incompetent to diagnose her issues.  It cost us almost 2 years of proper help until we learned from another relative who had a spouse with FTD that we needed to find a Neurologist that specialized in dementia related issues. Not all Neurologists understand anything about dementia!

After my wife was properly diagnosed by a specialized Neurologist and because of our experience with the first doctor we went to The Mayo Clinic for a second opinion. They confirmed the damage was already significant; her only saving grace was as a left handed person she had stored things in different areas of her brain or she would have had more difficulty with her speech. My wife’s family is very close so we have had an enormous amount of help in dealing with this disease, I do not know how we could have coped without all the help we have received from them.

This disease has many faces and it seems no 2 patients are exactly the same, in the first support group I attended I learned more than what I was able to garner from all my reading and research on line. In one group they discussed the good days and the bad days as Swiss Cheese, on good days the Alzheimer’s afflicted can seem pretty normal, that is when they are in the cheese, but if they are in the holes they really struggle!

Now I have to help my wife bathe, get dressed, take her to the women’s restroom and wait for her to come out. I have had to learn what she means not what she says, when she is upset with me I cannot take it personally it is part of the disease! We fortunately discussed early after her diagnoses that instead of concentrating on the tragic side of this disease we would try to see humor in what was to come.  So even through it all we can find laughter together to help us through our challenges.

The Alzheimer's Art Garden will be open from 10 am Friday Aug. 31st to 2 pm Sept. 2nd at Fall Fest.

104 Village Pl, Dillon, CO 80435

The Alzheimer's Art Garden will be next to the music tent at the festival and will be filled with donations from artists at the show plus art from other national artists who have previously done shows with CCM Events (our list is extensive).

Each piece donated will have a paragraph or two written by the donating artist about how Alzheimer’s has affected them or their family or friends.

All the art in The Alzheimer's Art Garden will be available for purchase via a silent auction. Auction forms and a place to put in your bid will be in the tent at the show. Auction winners will announced Sunday at 2 pm.  You must be present at 2 pm to win the auction of your favorite piece, pay for the work, and take it home with you. Help us make a difference.