The Lake Dillon Arts Festival is excited to present ...

Fall Fest - August 31st, Sept. 1st, & Sept. 2nd. -  Sibling to The longest running & most established art festival on the eastern side of Summit County!

What are you doing for advertising this event?

*** 2 - 1/4 page ads in The Summit Daily News

*** .2 - Full page color ads in The Summit Daily News - Friday and Saturday of the show

*** Half page ad in The Summit Daily News - Thursday before and Sunday of the show.

*** Editorial space/print story in Summit Daily News about the festival. We had one last year!

    About the Summit Daily News - The Summit Daily News is the only print news outlet in

Summit County, Colorado. The newspaper is a free, 12,000-circulation daily distributed throughout

Breckenridge, Frisco, Silverthorne, Dillon, Keystone and Copper Mountain. 90% of Summit County

reads the paper at least once a week and 69% of Summit County reads the paper every day. From condo

complexes to Main Street Breckenridge, they fill over 300 strategically placed boxes every day

*** 100 11” x17” full color posters distributed throughout Summit County via CCM personnel.

*** Press releases to newspapers: The Denver Post, The Summit Daily News, The Vail Daily, The

Glenwood Springs Post Independent, and The Clear Creek Courant (Georgetown, CO area).

*** Press releases to Summit County radio KYSL Krystal 93.and Channel 8 Resort Television Network.

*** E-blasts from The Town Of Dillon.

*** Town of Dillon marquees featuring the art festival. 1 week before event.

*** CCM’s “Stretch” the stilt walker handing out tickets and getting the word out at The Dillon Farmer’s Market - 2 appearances

*** CCM “street team” hitting hotel, shopping areas, and ski resorts with posters and tickets Saturday.

*** Facebook promoted posts – all week of the festival.

*** Lastly, is our secrecy weapon… The Art Festival Shopping Spree. We have used this marketing for the past 3 years at The Lake Dillon Arts Festival and it has been a huge success. The core idea of the promotion is that posters and flyers for an event often get ignored or thrown away. But if you are handed an 8"x 3" full color ticket that could be worth $1000, most likely you will keep it. Not only will you keep it but you most likely will come to the event to see if you win. Last year in Dillon that certainly was the case. Of the 5000 tickets printed for The Lake Dillon Arts Festival, 2700 of them were in the drawing bucket. And because the patron had to be present to win, that is a phenomenal advertisement for the festival.

Here is how it works.
    1.    The tickets get distributed throughout the festival area via local businesses, CCM personnel, artists who wish to send the tickets to their core customers, and artists who wish to hand out tickets from their booths at the show.
    2.    The ticket doesn't cost anything to the patron, but the patron must be present at the festival on the drawing day to win.
    3.    At 2 pm on Saturday and 2 pm on Sunday we hold the drawing. CCM provides the prize money.
    4.    The winner then goes on a shopping spree at the festival from 2 pm to 5 pm.  The winner has to spend the prize that day in one or multiple artist's booths.
Win - Win - Win - Win!

Key components of why this promotion has been such a huge success.
    1.    FREE - There is no cost to attendees to be a part of this drawing. We, CCM, provide the prize money. The patrons simply have to be at the show to win. Ah, but there is the real hook. They have to be at the show to win.
    2.    OVER-SIZED TICKET- Because the ticket is over-sized and on thick card stock, it has an appealing tactile feel at the same time doubling as an informational flyer.
    3.    PERCEIVED VALUE - Because the ticket could be worth $1000, the ticket holder is more likely to keep the ticket, put it on their refrigerator, and be reminded to  come to the show.
    4.    WORD OF MOUTH - Word of mouth is still the most powerful source of advertising for new customers and that is exactly what the $1000 shopping spree promotion brings.